Variations on a theme
Published On: May 7, 2014

You know how I’ve been telling you to block your knits?  And showing you how much of a difference it makes? And perhaps you recall that the project I knit most recently was a bit willful when it was on the needles?  Right.  So you might imagine that this one also benefited greatly from a little relaxing bath. DSC_0318

Huge difference, very very little effort.  Compared to how much time it takes to knit something, the time to block it is negligible.  I’m going to harass you into doing it if I possibly can.  (Though i have to say I’m tempted to find something else fun to do to take advantage of the shape that stitch makes…it’s rather fabulous on it’s own).

I’m off to take proper pics of these (and the other mitts) this afternoon.  They’ll be out soon, and I’ll be back soon with book plans and TNNA goodies and all sorts of fun stuff.  But for now, now I must catch up on laundry so I can leave the house today and be both decent and non-smelly.

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