Book Yarn, Part II
Published On: May 16, 2014

KCC3 is debuting soon (next month!) and I want to take a bit of time during the lead up to show off all the delightful yarns I’ve used in the book.  So without further ado, yarn.

2These are two of the many amazing yarns available from Plucky Knitter.  My love affair with Plucky yarns is well-documented and long-lasting.  So far, I’ve indulged in some delightful boy socks, some downright girly socks, a cuff, a hat, and of course the cover socks from the last book!

On the left, you’ve got Plucky Feet in Spice of Life.  This is one of my absolute favorite sock yarns.  It’s 90% merino, 10% nylon, and 100% awesome.  The 4 tiny plies make it super round and ensure it shows off your stitches beautifully.  It also soaks up color and wears like iron.  I love everything about it.

On the right, you’ve got Plucky Single in Joe Banks.  This yarn, 80% merino and 20% silk, was new to me, but I’m already looking forward to using it again.  Like any single, it asks for a tiny bit of care and attention (you don’t generally want to use a single somewhere that will see a lot of rough wear), but it rewards that care beautifully.  I may just possibly have a shawl around here that demonstrates this perfectly!

If you’re looking for the other yarns used in this book they’ll show up here as they are posted.


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