Book Yarn, Part VII
Published On: June 3, 2014

KCC3 is debuting soon (this month, eep!) and I want to take a bit of time during the lead up to show off all the delightful yarns I’ve used in the book.  So without further ado, yarn.

7These charming bits of yarn are from Dream in Color.  Dream in Color, not surprisingly, does amazing colors.  I swear I’ve not seen a shade I don’t like.  So as you might expect, it finds its way onto my needles often.  There are last year’s knitty socks, two other individual socks, a hat, and some socks from the first book.  And well, I might possibly have my eye on one of their new yarns for an upcoming project too.

On the left, you’ve got Everlasting Sock in Bitter.  Everlasting Sock (and its big brother Everlasting DK) is one of my favorite sock yarns.  Sock has eight tiny plies, and DK has 12.  They’re 100% merino, which would normally give me pause in a sock yarn, but the tiny plies are so tightly twisted I’ve never had any problem with them wearing out.  The Sock is a classic fingering weight, and the DK makes delightful thick socks.  And both show off fancy stitch work perfectly.

On the right, you’ve got Smooshy in Pansy Golightly.  Smooshy is another 100% merino, fingering weight yarn, but it is quite different than the Everlasting.  With three plies, it’s quite a bit sproingier (yes, that is so a word).  And you can see each ply (and the shadow it casts) much more clearly (you can see that in the picture), which gives a different texture to your knitted fabric than the smoother strand of Everlasting.  It totally works for socks, but here I’ve made it into an absolutely adorable mitt that I think you’ll love.

If you’re looking for the other yarns used in this book they’ll show up here as they are posted.

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