KCC3 Preorder Schedule
Published On: June 9, 2014

I’m thrilled to announce the schedule for the upcoming release of The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet, Volume III.  Just like last time, I’ll be doing a preorder.  Now I know placing a preorder is a bit of an act of trust, so I’ve planned some special deals for folks who want to get in early.  I am explaining it all here, ahead of time, so you can make your plans and ask any questions before everything starts tomorrow.  So, without further ado, The Plan (and as always, if you buy a paper copy of any of my books directly through me, you get the e-version for free automatically)!

Tuesday, June 10-Monday, June 16 : Early Preorders

  • Paper and electronic versions are 20% off (that’s $21.56 instead of $26.95 for the paper book, and $17.56 instead of $21.95 for the e-book).
  • Free, immediate download of any one of my available individual patterns when you order either version of the book.

Tuesday, June 17: Electronic Version Goes Live 

  • Everyone who has bought the electronic version of the book or who has bought the paper version from me will get an email with instructions on how to download the full electronic version of the book.
  • Special offers on the electronic version expire.

Tuesday, June 17-Ship Date: Paper Preorders 

  • Paper version 10% off (that’s $24.25 instead of $26.95).
  • Free, immediate download of any one of my available individual patterns when you order the paper version of the book.
  • Paper books will begin shipping on June 26 (shipping usually takes several days, but they will almost certainly all be shipped out by the first few days of July).  As soon as they start shipping, the special offers on the print version expire.

I want to be very sure everyone understands what they’re getting and when to expect it (preorders can be scary, I want to do all I can to make sure everybody is working with the same set of expectations).  If anything is unclear, let me know and I’ll do what I can to explain it better!

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