Bounce bounce bounce
Published On: August 7, 2014

I am generally rather orderly.  Some might say alarmingly orderly.  I’m a huge fan of breaking a large task into smaller ones, putting the pieces in the right order, allocating time for them, and moving through the list.  I’ve written and published five books in the last few years.  You sort of have to be orderly to pull that off.  At least I do.

But right now I’m feeling scattered.  It’s not the bad sort of scattered, it’s the ‘oh holy crap muffins I just had the best idea and now I am absolutely itching to implement it please can I put all all all of my attention on it and only it for the next week or two’ sort of scattered.  That’s actually loads of fun, but I’ve had about four of those ideas in the last week and well…you I can’t do all four at once.

This scattered nature is somewhat reflected in my knitting pile at the moment.

yarn and swatchesThat’s the boy sock I’m working on and a few new swatches, damp from the sink, for the book after next (the tan one on the bottom is Anzula Oasis, and the purple bit of business is Alchemy Lust, and they’re both yummy).  Plus some old swatches in Bare Naked that I’m adding to to augment an upcoming plot (about which loads more later if it all comes together).  Oh and a sample of some mystery yarn (dear yarn companies, please please please attach your company name and yarn info to your samples…this one just has a sticker saying ‘5’ and I’m at a loss as to what it might be) that is just insisting it become a little cuff, despite its unknown origins.  And up at the top is one of Knit Circus gradients that suddenly needs to become a hat (why, because I saw this neat thing on the inside of a heel flap that demanded to be used in a more visible location, that’s why).

Plus I’m talking to a yarn show, making plans with a handful of yarn shops, and looking for a custom metal worker to build me some…things.  Oh and I had the best idea ever for something to do with the book after next and local yarn stores, that needs some serious planning too.

So if one of you clever folks could either figure out how to make the days a bit longer, clone me, or slow the flow of ideas, I’d really appreciate it.  Because I’m pinging about like a bouncy ball here and someone’s going to get hurt if I don’t settle down soon.

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