Published On: August 30, 2014

I need a ruling.  When does it go from ‘disgustingly premature’ to ‘perfectly reasonable’ to start blabbing excitedly about the next book.  It’s going to the printer in a little more than a week.  It will be out around Thanksgiving.  I’ve been totally focused on it for the last two weeks (making me a very tedious dinner companion I’m sure), and all I want to do is show you the projects.  But I’ve also been led to believe that one must maintain a certain level of mystery lest people be bored by the time it comes out.  Hence the need for a ruling.  But, while you ponder that, I’m going to to ahead and throw in a little blatant yarn flashing.

rainbowThese are the yarns for said book, and I’m taken with all of them.  There are great piles of marvelous new-to-me yarns (Fibre Company, Swans Island, Claudia Hand Painted Yarn, Elemental Affects, Baah, AnzulaCephalopod, Spud and Chloë, Blue Sky Alpacas), and lots of old favorites, too (Briar Rose, Plucky Knitter, Shibui, String Theory, Space Cadet).  I’ll be telling you about all of them in the coming weeks, but for now, a little yarn rainbow seemed like a lovely way to start the weekend.

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