Published On: October 23, 2014

Yes, we are off on our annual fall excursion.  And yes, I will doubtless be detailing it all at alarming length over the next few weeks.  But before we left, we had the traditional herb massacre and making of herb salts.

saltI wrote all about making herb salts last year (here and here).  We followed much the same procedure this year.  Just for my own records, we used three bowls full of herbs (sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and marjoram), 4.5 pounds of coarse salt, and four full heads of garlic, and the results look to be just as delicious of last time.  If you’ve got a few herb plants that won’t make it through the winter, this is a perfect way to enjoy them all year round.  Oh, and on the off chance herb salts don’t use up all of your herbs (or if your mint plant went as bonkers as ours did), you can also make herb syrups for use in all manner of delicious drinks.

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