Published On: October 28, 2014

I’m clearly overdue to tell you about Rhinebeck.  My only excuse is that we’ve gone of on a bit of an excursion after, and, when faced with the choice between staring at my computer or gazing out across the water, the water wins.

But I have found one of the things I picked up at the show to be especially useful on the trip.  You see, I did an odd thing.  I didn’t buy any yarn at Rhinebeck.  I know this is a bit scandalous, but alas it’s true (don’t worry, I have remedied this on the rest of the trip and will report back soon).  Instead, I bought a blanket.

DSC_2427Here is what it looked like all tidily folded out of the bag, with the lovely Dashing Star Farm label all cute and sparkly.  Quite charming and respectably wooly.

DSC_2437And here is how it looked, crumpled and inviting, every time I popped out from under it for a minute to fetch a glass of tea or get a new book.  For you see, it is chilly here, and the blanket is warm, and I’ve been spending inordinate amounts of time snuggled up under it.

I’m really starting to like this blanket as souvenir thing.  Yarn is lovely and wooly too, but you have to do a bit more work to it before it’s ready to be snuggled.  The blanket is much quicker!

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