Published On: November 6, 2014

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers.  Let’s see if I can be all cool and answer them in advance!

What’s in the book?  Patterns for 14 lovely, asymmetrical, wearable wraps that you can knit at any gauge and with any weight of yarn.  You can see pictures of them over here or in the picture below.  And, just to make sure your knitting goes smoothly, there are sections exploring the relationship between gauge and needle choice, detailing how to read a chart, and outlining the best way to block your Curl.  There’s also a discussion of how Curls work, just in case you find yourself wanting to experiment with designs of your own!

All Curls 2 600 px wideHow big is it?  It’s seven inches across and nine inches tall.  That’s the same height as the KCC books and the mini books (so they all look good on the shelf together – these things matter), a little bit wider than the mini books, and a little bit narrower than the KCC books.  It’s 68 pages long, and it looks a little something like this when it’s nestled up with all its friends.

booksWhat’s in the goody bag?  Treats!  I’m not telling you exactly what (I’ll do a post about it after they’ve shipped though), but I promise they’re all things I’m happy to have in my own knitting basket.

goody bagsHow sure are you you’ll be able to deliver on time?  Pretty darn sure.  The e version is waiting safely on my computer (and backed up on several other computers) right this very minute.  It’s ready to go for the 18th.  I’ve got advance copies of the book already in hand (you can see one in that picture up there), so you know they’ve already been printed.

A pile of books are on their way to me via UPS and are due to arrive early next week.  The rest of them are on a boat and are due to arrive early next month.  In the (unlikely) event that you guys buy substantially more books than expected during the preorder, some books might ship around the beginning of December rather than at the end of November.  And of course if that happened, I’d let you guys know.

But short of a fire, flood, or similar catastrophe, I’m about as ready as I can be.  This will be the sixth time I’ve done a preorder (so I have a good sense of just how much time it takes to get stuff addressed and packaged and on its way to you), and every single one has gone out on time or early, so I’ve got a bit of practice!

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