Indie Gift-a-Long
Published On: November 13, 2014

I know, I know.  Two posts in one day, what is the world coming to?  But this is just a super quickie.  I’m dashing in to mention that the Indie Gift-a-Long starts tonight on ravelry.

What’s the Gift-a-Long you ask?  The short version is I, and hundreds of other designers, have picked some of our very favorite designs and put them all on sale.  You can see the 20 patterns I have on sale right here, and you can get 25% off them with the code: giftalong2014

gal 2014The slightly longer version (the one that explains all the games and prizes and timeframes and other helpful information) is over here. You totally want to check it out, because I’m not the only designer with things on sale (at last count, I think there were almost 300 of us).  This is going to be an awful lot of fun.  You totally want to play.  And, if any of my projects happen to find their way onto your needles over the course of the Gift-a-Long, I totally want to hear about it!

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