Eversion is live!
Published On: November 17, 2014

The eversion of Curls is live!

If you bought the book, you should have the full eversion in your ravelry library right now (if you don’t take a look at the bottom of the post for some more info).  Download it and let the knitting begin!  And, if you’re feeling chatty, I’d love to see you in my ravelry group to talk about what you’re making.  I promise, we’re a super friendly bunch (and there will totally be a knit along come January).

And, when you do download the eversion, you’ll notice something special.  JC Briar, genius behind Stitch Maps, and I have teamed up to include Stitch Maps for most of the patterns in the book.  JC explains just what Stitch Maps are over here, and you’ll see for yourself how perfectly they play with Curls when you download the book, but I just wanted to let you know to be on the lookout for them!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go start stuffing envelopes.  The postman doesn’t know what he’s in for…

Front Cover 600 px wideDid something go wonky?  Don’t panic.  Just hold tight for one second while I take a little administrative detour and spell out just what’s going on.  This will answer about 95% of the questions I’ll get asked today, so bear with me while I put everything in one place.

  1. If you buy the eversion only (no paper copy, just the electronic one) from this point on, you’ll get the full thing right away.
  2. If you bought the eversion only (no paper copy, just the electronic one) during the preorder, you should have gotten a message in your ravelry mailbox and in your email inbox earlier today saying there was an update.  Download that update, and you’ll have the full eversion.
  3. If you bought the paper version from me, a few minutes later, you should have gotten an email.  The email was sent to the email address you use for paypal, it was from Pantsville Press and had the subject Download your electronic copy of Curls.  If you followed the instructions in that email, you’ve already put Curls in your rav library, and you should have gotten a message this morning with a link to the update.  If you haven’t followed those instructions, go ahead and do so now, and you’ll have the full version as soon as you do.  If you can’t find the email, be sure you’re checking the email account you use with paypal.
  4. If something went wrong, or you can’t find the message with the instructions, send me an email (hunter at violently domestic dot com will find me), and I’ll help.  Please be sure to tell me the email address you use with paypal! I need that email address to find your transaction and see what happened.

Don’t worry, this all works smoothly about 99.9% of the time.  The most common problem by far is that folks use a different email address for paypal than for their regular email, and they don’t look at their paypal email address for the message with the instructions.  But if you run into a problem and don’t have your eversion, just let me know and we will totally get it sorted out!

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