Shipping Update
Published On: December 2, 2014

So we’re in one of those good news/bad news spots.

The good news is that I’ve shipped hundreds and hundreds of books, and lots of folks have started to receive them (and I’ve even spotted a few finished curls popping up on ravelry).  That is so much fun to see!

Now for the bad news.  Remember back in November, just before the preorder, when I said “A pile of books are on their way to me via UPS and are due to arrive early next week.  The rest of them are on a boat and are due to arrive early next month.  In the (unlikely) event that you guys buy substantially more books than expected during the preorder, some books might ship around the beginning of December rather than at the end of November.”  Yeah, that’s happened.

You guys bought way more books than expected (thank you), and I’ve shipped all the books I had on hand from that first portion of the shipment.  But, I’ve heard from my printer and the second half has arrived in California and are ready to start heading this way, but they aren’t here yet.

And clearly, I can’t put them in the mail if I don’t yet have them!  But they should be here soon.  I’m expecting to start shipping again this Friday, and I’m even enlisting the services of The Boy to help speed the process along (an extra set of hands to stuff envelopes is always welcome).  I will have everything out to you just as soon as I can.  I just wanted to make sure I was keeping everyone up to date as the process wrapped up.

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