Published On: December 9, 2014

Now that the books with goody bags have found their way to their new homes, I wanted to do a little post to show everyone what was in there (seriously, I’ve been getting questions from folks asking).  If you’re one of the folks who is waiting to open your package for some reason and doesn’t want the surprise spoiled, you should run away now!

goody 1Now, my natural inclination was to fill these things with a bit of actual glitter.  But because that would have led to swearing and cursing of my name (not to mention vacuuming…and who needs more of that), I restrained myself to just using glitter tape.  That seemed much more civilized.

goody 2Once you fought your way past that, you could start to get a sense of what might be in there.  (Last chance for you folks who want the surprise to skedaddle.)

goody 3Inside you’ll find lots of handy things to make your knitting more fun.

Starting on the left there is an adorable tape measure from Spud & Chloë.  If you’re anything like me, your tape measures are always going missing (I assume your tape measures and my tape measures are all off at a swanky party together without us).  This one so cute it should be easier to hang on to!

Next up we’ve got Allure fiber wash from Bijou Basin Ranch.  Everything Bijou does is amazing (I just may have some more of their yarn on its way to me for a new project), and I was so excited to hear they’d launched a fiber wash.  I’ve washed several of my own projects in this, and I love it.

Then we’ve got a super handy needle gauge from Knitter’s Pride.  This is another one of those things that non-knitters just don’t understand how we could need so many of, while knitters know you always need about two more than you currently have.  I love how portable this one is and plan to tuck it in my travel knitting bag (because despite the best intentions, I totally cannot tell a 1.5 from a 2, and that leads to all sorts of headaches).

And finally, a wee baggy of my very favorite stitch markers.  I find them super useful (light weight, removable, don’t snag, fit anything up to about a size 9 needle).  I tucked about two dozen in each baggy, but if you’re the sort who needs a lot of stitch markers, you can find them in bulk (around 300 of them for under ten bucks) over here.

They’re all things that have a happy home in my knitting tool kit, and I hope they’ll be useful in yours!  Many thanks to the fine folks at Spud & Chloë, Bijou Basin Ranch, and Knitter’s Pride for donating these goodies.  And tremendous thanks to all of you who were lined up to get them when the sale opened (crashing the server has now moved from being a source of panic to being a source of tremendous amusement).  I’ll have to see what sort of fun I can put together for next time!

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