43 and a Toe
Published On: December 15, 2014

Sock the first is done (that’s him, smugly pleased with his blocked state, there in the background).  Sock the second has a leg, a heel, and even a gusset.  He only needs 43 rows and a toe to be finished (yes, yes I do count rows and keep an obsessive mental tally of how much is done versus how much remains…it’s totally a valid lifestyle choice).

DSC_2818With any luck, the finishing of the socks will coincide with the holidays.  That will mean The Boy will actually be home during daylight, and I can get some lovely modeled shots and get these out fairly early in the new year (fairly early meaning ‘still winter around these parts’ not ‘your Christmas lights are still seasonally appropriate’).

These are growing on me the more I work on them.  Of course by now I’m starting to get a bit itchy for some lime green or maybe some orange, but as far as stately browns go, these are awfully pretty.  Christine does good yarn!

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