Published On: January 13, 2015

See that?  That little line there that says second printing?  A girl could get used to that…  I bet I could get used to one that said third printing too (I’m adaptable like that).

DSC_0130Just by way of explanation, that’s one of the advance copies from the second printing.  The printer sends a few early to make sure nothing has gone excitingly wrong in some sort of new and unexpected way.  The bulk of them are on a boat (said boat going to the east coast, not the west coast, to avoid the fun drama we had last time).  They’ll be here in early spring.

So, if you’re a distributor or on the yarn store waiting list, that’s where your books are.  They’ll be headed your way just as soon as they’ve made their way to me.  If you’ve ordered from amazon and not gotten a shipment notification from them yet, your books are on that boat too (amazon doesn’t really do well with the idea of letting folks know when their books are coming in situations like this, so I figure I might as well try and help by mentioning it here).  I’ve got a some left here that I’m using to fill direct individual orders (meaning if you’re itching to have a copy you can order it directly from me).  It’s going to be a bit of a race to see if I have enough to hold out until the next print run comes, but I’ll do what I can!

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