Less than Picturesque
Published On: February 26, 2015

Have you seen those blogs that make their authors’ lives look hideously perfect?  The sort where every dinner is nutritionally balanced, gluten free, organic, free range, ethically sourced, and served on a beautifully decorated table in their breathtakingly landscaped back yard?  Or the sort where the whole adorable family goes on fabulous ski vacations, wearing matching hand knit sweaters, and the only thing brighter than the snow is their perfectly straight teeth?  Or maybe the kind where someone says ‘I woke up one morning, wrote an ebook on a whim, and by dinner time I was running out of places to stack these pesky piles of cash’?

Yeah.  So.  I totally get the urge to edit your life and show off the pretty bits and talk about your successes.  That’s just fine.  But just in case anyone is wondering, sometimes life is messy and work is hard.  Like, say, yesterday.  Yesterday when I got two tons (two, actual, literal tons…like 4,000 pounds) of books delivered.  To my garage.

DSC_0639And, just to make sure to give you the full picture, getting them delivered meant getting them up the driveway.  The snowy driveway.  Pro tip, pallet jacks do not work well in snow. It took the delivery guy, The Boy, and me all pushing as hard as we could to manage it.  That’s after The Boy bought a snow blower and spent two days battling the snow.  Even then, we had to split one of those pallets up into smaller loads (that means picking up every single 40-pound box, putting it on a second pallet, shoving that up the driveway, rinse, and repeat) to make it work.

DSC_0641The next time someone tells me my job sounds so restful and expounds at length about how lovely it must be to do nothing but play with yarn and dream up patterns all day, I’m going to have four thousand pounds of something left in the middle of their driveway.  Seems only fair.

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