Published On: April 29, 2015

Hi there. I sort of looked up at the calendar and realized I’d somehow managed to wander off for a shockingly long time without checking in.  So, just for those wondering, yup, I’m here.  Here and working.  I am, alas, just doing that sort of work that’s somewhat less than photogenic (you really don’t want to see pictures of me setting boxes out for the postman or fine tuning hyphens for the next book, it’s not terribly fascinating for the onlookers).

But, on the slightly more sharable with the world front, there are also swatches for Curls 2 (otherwise known as the gray book of gray).

DSC_0800Somehow, despite being a tiny bit crazy with the  next book (it goes to the printer in about 8 weeks, so this state of crazy will last for a little while), Curls 2 is actually coming together quite nicely.  Six of the projects are either done or off with brilliant sample knitters.  Four others are more or less sorted out (meaning I’ve swatched and at least taken notes, possibly also drawn charts) and waiting their turn on the needles.

I’ll turn all my attention to it once the next book is off at the printer, but for now, I’ll have to make do with just clutching the swatches and reminding myself that yarn is good, and that someday I’ll have time to actually knit again.

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