Tell Me Again
Published On: June 29, 2015

No, really.  Tell me again how gray is super boring and how I’m going to hate having an entire book of gray projects and how everyone else will hate it too.  Because maybe this time I’ll believe you.

DSC_1216Or maybe I won’t.  Because I swear I love every single one of these (and that’s before they’ve been blocked and primped and swirled into place and carefully photographed).  And I’m pretty sure you guys will too.

That’s the first five projects from the second Curl book.  Projects six, seven, and eight are out with intrepid sample knitters as I type, with projects nine and ten about to make a similar excursion.  There will be more (probably 14 or 15 total), but it’s an awfully good start, don’t you think?

And no, no I am not bored with gray yet!

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