Published On: July 25, 2015

Sock the second continues his slow but inevitable march toward the sock basket.

DSC_1282We’re nearing my favorite milestone of sock creation, which in my head is called ‘Well and Truly Socklike.’  That’s the point where I feel that if I hold the thing up, even a non-knitter should be able to tell exactly what it is.

I feel like this point comes some time shortly after the gusset decreases happen (because really, what exactly could it be other than a sock at that point?).  Though if the questions I’ve gotten from non-knitters are any indication, this isn’t actually as clear as I might like to think it is…

How about you guys?  Do you have any private terms for various points in a piece of knitting?  My others include ‘So Damn Close To Done You’re An Idiot Not To Just Finish It Already’ and ‘You Should Just Fix That Mistake Before You Waste Any More Time.’  Though those are a bit more subjective than the ‘Socklike’ milestone!

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