Published On: August 8, 2015

Remember back in March when I tossed the stash, found some favorite yarns that were just itching to be knit into some of my early sock patterns, and sent them off to marvelous sample knitters so I could take new pictures and bring the patterns back out?  Well, it was totally a good move.  Sybaritic has already come back out (as have quite a few of her fellows), and now I’ve got a whole new stack of socks just waiting for photos!

DSC_1340 That’s Scatterling, Gramercy, and Anemochory (for those of you paying alarmingly close attention at home, no, Anemochory wasn’t in that initial batch of yarn, but an opportunity arose and I couldn’t help but bring it back out too).  And I have it on good authority that Calcareous, Graupel, and Arkadiko are headed back to me very shortly!

There are going to be an awful lot of old favorites coming back out over the next few months.  This is marvelous, because I really do love these early patterns, but I had no idea how to use a camera when they originally came out.  I love having the chance to show them off again.  Now all I need to do is find some willing feet and a pretty backdrop and decide which should come back first!

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