Published On: August 21, 2015

Didn’t I promise there would be lace?  Proper, full of holes, lace?  Well here you go.

DSC_1526I’m taken with this.  There’s something amazingly dramatic about lace worked in big yarn, and I tend to adore it (and man is it fast…lace on big yarn is about the fastest knitting there is).  That’s Legacy DK by O-Wool, and I’m just tickled by how it came out.

I’m going to have to do a bit of experimenting and see how hard I want to block this one.  Usually I’m a fan of a fairly brutal blocking for curls, but I sort of want to keep some of the dimension inherent to this stitch pattern.  I may even see how it looks if I just sort of pat it into place and don’t do much at all in the way of pinning.  I suspect it will work out rather nicely.

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