Published On: September 21, 2015

So it seems my domestic urges are tied to the calendar.  In the dead of winter, I preserve lemons.  In the middle of summer, I make herb salts and syrups.  Once it’s properly cold, it’s hot chocolate paste.  And when fall starts to set it, it’s shrubs.

fig shrubI went to the grocery store, found figs on sale for some ridiculously good price, bought pounds and pounds of them, and made a huge batch.

fig shrub 2It’s percolating on the counter right now, all bubbles and good smells.

fig shrub 3And before you ask, yes, it does seem ever so slightly gross to think about (but in pretty much exactly the same way beer or yogurt or cheese is a bit gross to think about).  No, I’m not worried it will kill me.  No, I can’t promise it won’t kill you.  Yes, it is awfully delicious (and it only gets better in the fridge over time).

I was going to write it all up in detail, but then I realized I’d already done all that earlier (there are three posts, click through if you want them all).  So instead I’ll have a drink (with an earlier batch of shrub), and wait patiently for this one to work its magic.  Lay a batch down now, and in a month or two, you can do the same!

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