Push and Pull
Published On: October 9, 2015

So I think I showed you finished pics of both variations of the hats, I don’t think I ever showed you both together.  I’m rather taken with them.

hats I think they’re a perfect example of how very tiny changes in your knitting can have surprisingly big results.  These use exactly the same ribbing, exactly the same increases, and exactly the same kind of basic decreases (ssk and k2tog).  But by shifting the relative positions of the increases and decreases, you get two totally different looks.

One where the ribbing stays straight and a band cuts across it.

hat 1And one where the ribbing and the band go careening into each other.

hat 2But the charts for each are surprisingly similar (and kind of awesomely easy, which is sort of what I want in a hat sometimes).  And don’t worry, when they’re on a head, the stop looking like cartoon bullets and instead look quite like proper hats.  I promise pictures on people some time after the weather gets appropriately wintery!

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