Published On: October 15, 2015

I have a long-standing, deeply-held, and unabashed fondness for flared cuffs.  They’re the piece of knitting I wear most often (gloves and hats feel like outer wear, whereas my cuffs I can totally wear in my drafty house without feeling like a weirdo who needs to get new windows).  They leave your fingers free for typing or knitting or cooking or whatever else it is you need to be getting on with, but somehow do actually manage to keep you warmer.  They take surprisingly little time to knit.  And they’re just downright adorable.

Or they are, after they’re finished and blocked.  This cuff, at this stage of its creation, looks a tiny bit like a crumpled sea creature.  But I’ve tried it on and tugged on it enough to know it’s going to be hideously cute when it’s done.  Promise.

grayThe yarn is by Sweet Fiber Yarns, and is a new discovery.  A friend who clearly knows just what sort of yarn I like sent it my way, and I’m smitten.  You should go look at those colors now so you’re not surprised when they show up in future projects, because wow are they pretty!

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