Published On: October 20, 2015

Respectable adults do not whine.  Respectable adults certainly do not wine about anything so lovely as a giant pile of knitting ready for blocking.  Respectable adults would not dream of doing any such thing, they wouldn’t even know how to start if you asked them to.

curls pileI, on the other hand, lacking something in both the adulthood and the respectability departments, may have looked at this pile (and that’s not all of them, there are four more on the way) and whined quite a bit.

But then the lovely folks at Inspinknity stepped in to save the day with their nifty blocking wires to save the day.

curls pile wiresI’ve heard from lots of you that blocking wires make blocking curls much easier (which I believe…I’ve put upwards of 100 pins in a single curl before), and that Inspinknitty’s wires are the best out there.  I’ll report back after I play with them a bit (I’m still gathering my courage, even with the right tools blocking fourteen big pieces is a heck of a project), but I think things just got a lot easier!

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