Published On: October 24, 2015

So the cuff is done.  It is adorable (and comfy, and soft, and warm, and all the other things you’d want a cuff to be).  But it is also weirdly hard to photograph (that it is a bit damp doesn’t help, but sunset comes early these days, and if I waited for it to dry it would be dark, so I’ll take what I can get).

Eduardo helps give a sense of the proportions of the thing, but his wrist is rather wider in comparison to his hand than is mine, so things look a bit elongated.

eduardoThe actual proportions when it’s on are more like this.

flatWhich you could see much better if it were on my hand, but my arm isn’t actually long enough to take a picture of my hand with this camera, so you’ll have to use your imagination for now.

I suspect the second of these will find its way into the world very shortly (once I did all the pesky decision making, it’s only a few hours of knitting time), at which point I will bombard you with all the pictures you could ever want.  I’m thoughtful like that!

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