Published On: October 29, 2015

Sigh.  I have knit two curls, two sizable curls on straight needles with no problems at all.  I just bunched the stitches up (and eventually whacked a rubber band around the fabric to keep it smooshed together).  It worked perfectly.

But that’s just not going to work for this one.  The yarn is both astonishing fluffy and hideously delicate, and it just won’t take being smooshed too much.  Stitches are popping off both ends of the needles, and I’m pretty sure if I tried to rubber band it, the band would chew right through the fabric like a chainsaw.

too many stitchesSo I did the unthinkable.  I actually bought circular needles.  I feel dirty.

i bought circsAnd of course, this pair had scuffed up tips, which I only realized after I transferred all several hundred stitches over.  So I’ve moved them back to straights and am waiting for the new needle to arrive.  Then we’ll see if I can actually bring myself to knit on circs.  I expect I’m going to whine.  A lot.

Edit: The second pair of addis also arrived with scuffed tips, so I switched to ChiaoGoo red lace needle and am having much better luck with that.


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