Published On: November 12, 2015

So, things are just a tiny bit busy around here these days.  Good, but busy.  Tomorrow should bring two Exciting New Developments.

First, I’ll put up the book’s webpage and ravelry pages.  You won’t be able to buy it just yet (that happens next week).  But you should be able to see what it’s about and what the projects look like and hopefully become completely smitten with it.  Hint, this is always the scariest part of my year, so don’t make any sudden moves or loud noises if you can help it.

Second, something on the order of two tons of books will make their way into my garage.  That’s awesome (because it means they’re here safe and I get to pet them).  But also challenging.  Because two tons of anything is, ah, cumbersome.

To stay sane, I’ve been petting this.  Sort of a lot.  It’s working surprisingly well.

DSC_3038I’ve got about a skein and a half left, so I’m thinking some mitts and a cowl should probably happen.  You know, for my mental health.  Because tomorrow may be a bit of a roller coaster.

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