Just a Little
Published On: November 24, 2015

While most of this week had been spent putting books in envelopes and setting them out for the mailman (which is lovely, thank you), every now and then I have to do something that doesn’t involve an adhesive label.  This fits the bill nicely.

frontThey’re the mate for the lovely hat (a proper picture of which I still totally owe you), and I’m smitten.  The cable is wide enough that it’s best to have just the one, so the back is all ribbing (which allows for some very tidy thumb increases, which always make me happy).

backWith any luck at all, the holiday weekend will include time to finish this one off and at least get started on its mate.  Because as you can also see in the pictures, it went and got snowy.  It’s not going to last (much of it has already melted), but it is getting a bit chilly.

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