Published On: November 30, 2015

So the goal was to make progress on the mitts, and that totally happened.  The first one is more or less done, and the second one is underway.

DSC_3186I decided to hold off on the thumb of the first one until I see just how close of a squeak the yarn is going to be.  There should be just enough, but if I need to make the thumb a row or two shorter, I’d rather know from the beginning that have to unweave my end and rip back.

DSC_3189So for now the thumb looks like this, and the second mitt is underway.  One or two more knitting sessions and it will be done (my elbow is sore and I have a lot of computer stuff I have to do, so knitting time is limited at the moment).

And for those asking, yes I’ll almost certainly do a pattern, I just need an accommodating friend and a suitably wintry looking day.  I’m sure I can work it out.

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