Oh this needs to happen
Published On: December 9, 2015

So it’s about time I show you something I’ve knit.  Except that I don’t actually have anything I’ve knit to show, so I’ll have to do something much much better and show you something Katie (who knits an astonishing number of the knitted things you see in my pattern photos) knit instead.

DSC_3237These are the reincarnation of the gray socks I ripped out back in October.  I wrote up the pattern, paired it up with some yarn (and oh if this isn’t the perfect thing to do with a solid yarn I don’t know what is) and now I have the socks back safe and sound waiting for a picture.

All of which means they will very likely be the next pattern that comes out, almost certainly early in the new year.  I have a feeling it’s going to be hard to wait!

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