Published On: December 20, 2015

Oh hey look, I remember how to make them!

DSC_4399Does anybody else make these?  Or maybe any other paper-based ornaments?  I confess I find it unreasonably satisfying to turn paper into something so substantial and three dimensional.

And yes, I need to get out the super tiny, super sharp scissors and trim my ends more neatly (as always, amazon links are affiliate links), but these were just a practice run to see if I could still remember how to make these.  I suspect the first go will end up as cat toys (the kittens have already shown an interest), and they’re not picky about tidy ends.

If you want to make your own, there are some good instructions over here.  All you need is paper strips (I use these, but you can start with typing paper if you want to see if you like the process) and a few minutes of folding.  You could have a tree full by the end a netflix binge if you were so inclined!

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