Published On: January 19, 2016

I have some bad news.  It’s January.  It’s cold. It’s dark. And it’s probably going to be like this for a while.  If I could help, I would.  But the most I can do is offer a distraction, so it seems like the perfect time to bring Chamfer back out.

aThese are more fun than they have any right to be.  The stitch pattern is marvelously orderly and easy to memorize (which means they’re way easier than they look, which is always a plus).  And I know I shouldn’t be so easily amused, but I really do love how nicely the cuff and toe flow from the main stitch pattern.  Tell me I’m not alone in thinking that’s vital to true sock happiness!

bOf course a good pair of socks can’t just be pretty and fun to make, they need to fit well too. And these totally do.  The lace is delightfully stretchy and the ribbing provides just the right amount of structure.  The combination works perfectly.

cSo if you need something to take your mind of the unfortunate January-ness of it all, these might be just the thing.  You can use the code HOW LONG TILL SPRING to get a dollar off the price (good through the end of the day Friday, January 22).  Maybe by the time you’re finished the crocuses will be in bloom!



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