Slipper update
Published On: March 3, 2016

Ok, let’s check in on the slipper.  When last we visited, it was more or less a slightly confusing rectangle.  These days it’s an equally confusing and much less describable shape.  Something sort of like this.

DSC_5115Or rather, it was like this.  I’ve since joined those two sides up and started working in the round, which makes for a slightly more comprehensible shape.

DSC_5128I’ll have to get a foot form pressed into service to really show off how it works.  But the gist is that the back of the heel is over there on the right, and I’m working my way to the toes.  It’s working perfectly.

The more pressing question is the yarn…I’m starting to think it’s too colorful.  I’m not digging the stripes.  I suspect a second version of these in something a bit more monochrome may be destined to happen.  Which would be a bummer, but it has to be better to stop now than to keep going and give up another four inches into it, right?

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