Published On: March 17, 2016

The slipper is very nearly done.  It’s at the point where I am obsessively trying it on to figure out when I need to start the toe (soon, the answer is very very soon).  It’s finally at the point where it more or less makes sense to look at, so I figured I’d show it off.

DSC_5413So that’s laid flat (heel at the right, I’m knitting toward the toes).

DSC_5420But it’s also dense enough that it will more or less stand up on its own, and it’s way easier to see that way.  I actually sort of love how it looks in that one; I’m always amused when knitting stands up for itself.

DSC_5403But of course it makes the most sense of all when plopped on a handy foot form.  I suspect that the next time you see it, it will be done.  I doubt I have the patience to put off finishing this for much longer!

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