Want Curls 2 in your LYS on launch day?
Published On: July 25, 2016

So you all know Curls 2 is almost here (I suspect this time next month some of you will be binding off your first pieces from it!).  And you know I can’t wait to send it out to lots of you as soon as it launches.  I promise we’ll go over all the details of the launch in the next few weeks so you can be ready.  But for this book, I wanted to try something awesome just for yarn shops.

launchpackI’ve put together a little program where your LYS can get a display copy of the book early (very early, I’m shipping them out this week) and have the book in their shop on launch day.  This will be the only way to see the book in person before it launches and get your hands on a copy on launch day (oh and don’t worry, all the books your LYS gets for launch day will come with codes for free electronic versions because I know you guys love that)!

So here’s where I ask for your help.  If you want to see Curls 2 in your LYS early (or you think your LYS might be interested), let them know.  I promise they like to know what you’re looking for (and looking forward to). They can reach me at [email protected], and we can make it happen!



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