Curls 2 Preorder Schedule
Published On: August 12, 2016

bannerCurls 2 goes up for preorder early next week.  I’m keeping this one pretty streamlined, but I still want to lay out the schedule ahead of time, just so everyone knows what to expect!

Tuesday morning, August 16: Preorders open

During the preorder, both the paper and electronic books are $3.00 off the regular price ($18.95 instead of $21.95).  As always, if you order the physical book directly from me, you’ll get the electronic book for free.

Once you have Curls 2 in your ravelry library, you’ll notice something nifty.  Any of my other books available through ravelry will be 25% off.  You won’t need a code, all you’ll need to do is have Curls 2 in your ravelry library when you check out (so if you buy the paper book, just be sure to add the electronic version to your ravelry library before you try this).  This will only work while the preorder is running, when the preorder ends, so does the discount!

Thursday afternoon, August 18: Preorders close

The prices will go up to their regular level.  The full electronic version will go live.  Physical copies will start shipping.  The special discount on my other books will stop working.

Shipping usually takes a few days (the postman can only take so many packages a day!).  But everything should be in the mail by early the following week.  And of course you’ll have your electronic version right away!

Next Steps

Come back on the 16th!  And if you want me to send you a reminder that day, just make sure you’re on the mailing list and I’ll totally send you a message when the preorder starts.

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