Sneaky tricks
Published On: October 13, 2016

The slipper has been cast on and shaping up rather nicely.  I do find something about this way of building a slipper rather marvelous!

DSC_1329 copyIf you look very very very closely, you may notice a sneaky little trick.  That bottom needle?  The one holding the stitches that will go under my heel?  It’s different than the other two.

DSC_1341 copyThis yarn (chickadee by Quince) doesn’t have any nylon.  And while it does seem lovely and sturdy, I wanted to do just a tiny bit extra to make the bottom of the slipper (the part that will get the most wear) a bit tougher.  So I’m using one size smaller needles to work those stitches.  You totally don’t have to, but I find it helps.

If you do decide to try it, using two different sorts of needle (in this case a round silver one and a square bronze one) makes it much easier to keep track of which is which and grab the right one when you need it.  Worth a shot if you’ve got a yarn you’re dying to use that could benefit from a little extra protection in heavy wear spots!

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