Published On: October 20, 2016

So while I did not quite manage to make it to Rhinebeck, I somehow did manage to meet a few furry beasties.  Funny how that happens!

DSC_1370 copyWe swung by the Good Karma Farm, and they just happened to have a few lovely critters to visit with.  They also had what promises to be a much faster way to make socks (they do classes if you want to see for yourself, someday I’m going to have to give it a try).

DSC_1353 copyAnd some impressive machines doing noisy, twirly, yarn-making things.

DSC_1350 copyWhich in turn meant they had yarn…some of which may just perhaps have followed me home!

DSC_1546 copyBut I have to say, the critters tried their best to steal the show.  All around adorable and generally quite happy to come say hi.

DSC_1366 copy

DSC_1358 copy

DSC_1359 copy

DSC_1361 copyNext time you’re in the area, you should totally swing by.  Give fluffy here a scritch hello for me!

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