Officially now decorations, not holes!
Published On: November 17, 2016

So let’s see where we ended up.  First the sleeve.

DSC_2832 copy

Then the shoulder.

DSC_2837 copy

Then the front.

DSC_2852 copyI love it.  Totally couldn’t be happier.  I’m actually considering doing this in a few other spots on the sweater where there are no holes just for the fun of it because I don’t want to be done yet.

And for folks asking or wondering, no it’s really not hard.  You can find embroidery floss at most any craft store.  The only other things you need are a needle (I like the blunt ones, but some people like pointy ones…experiment and see what you like) and maybe an embroidery hoop (I like the plastic ones better than the wooden ones because they’re less likely to snag your fabric).  If you want some hand holding, this book is good (think stitch dictionary, but for embroidery rather than knitting).  And if you want some ideas for what to stitch, there are some adorable things in this one.  But really, you can probably just wing it.

Now what do you think…would you do this (or a version of it…there are more subtle versions!) to a sweater that had a hole?  Or is it a bit too odd to see the light of day?

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