Block everything…no really, everything
Published On: February 11, 2017

I’m pretty sure I’ve given the ‘no, really, block EVERYTHING’ lecture plenty of times.  But I figured I’d offer proof that I really do believe it.

I was knitting a little puffy heart (don’t judge, I needed a distraction).  But I realized somewhere along the way that I both wanted to block it…and that I didn’t want to throw a stuffed anything in a sink full of water.

So I knit it up to this point, soaked it, blocked it, stuffed it, and closed it all up.

I think it looks, as always, so much better after that little soak.  And yes, yes it is a pain.  Yes, it does mean you have to stop when you’re ten minutes from done and let it dry for an hour.  But oh oh oh it’s so worth it!

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