So when I say a set…
Published On: March 20, 2017

So when I say I’m thinking of doing a set, I’m speaking fairly loosely.  We’re not talking a hat and mitts and a cowl, we’re talking a few pieces that all explore a similar idea.

In this case, that idea is ‘what if I start with a lovely, neutral background and a simple shape…and then pull another yarn in to do something a bit crazy with a funky stitch for some fancy texture?’

So here you can see the first iteration of that (it’s Entrapment, and it’s already out on ravelry if you simply must have it).

And here’s the pink one I’m working on now (as of yet unnamed, and not yet finished being knit, so clearly not available as a pattern just yet, but it’s coming somewhere down the road).

These both use the exact same yarn for the background (Tosh Vintage in Smokestack), and then use a colorful single ply yarn for the accent color.  I’ve got a third accent color all lined up (and another skein of the gray waiting) for when this is done!

I just have to decide what I want to do for the texture stitch…


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