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Published On: May 15, 2017

So remember the terribly dreary and grim hat?  The somber and surly one? The one that’s a little storm cloud on your head?

Yeah…most cheerful yarn you’ll ever meet in your life.

But sometimes, due to the intervention of kittens or an error in judgement or some other mishap, you may find you need to join on more yarn.  With a yarn like this, where there is a Very Distinctive Color pattern, you need to be careful how you do that.  If you want to keep that progression you’ve established (and I assure you, you do, that’s the whole point of this yarn), you need to pay more attention than usual.

The general trick is to line up the distinctive bit on your existing strand of yarn with the distinctive bit on the new yarn you’re joining on.  So in this case, that meant making sure the rainbows were lined up and letting that dictate where in the strand you join on the next piece of yarn.  And it really does pay to be careful…this is one of those cases where being an inch or two off will mess up the pattern you’ve established.  Do it right though and the join is awfully close to invisible!

And someone will ask, so the yarn is by Lemonade Shop (they’re on etsy), I think it’s stormy day, but I don’t have the tag.  It’s a rather opinionated yarn (it didn’t want to be any of the fist several things I tried to get it to be), but it is undeniably cheerful, and when you stop fighiting it and just knit stockinette, it has a certain charm.

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