Good Mail (really good!)
Published On: May 29, 2017

Don’t worry…there totally are more yarns for Curls 3…I’ve just been so busy swatching them that I’ve been remiss in showing them off to you.  Let’s fix that!

This set is Miss Babs’ Sojurn base in their German Waterways colorway.  It’s made of angel wings and clouds and unicorn eyelashes as far as I can tell (or, possibly the 65% cashmere, 30% silk they list on the tag…but I think unicorn eyelashes explains the softness better).  And yes, yes it is an indulgent yarn…but really you deserve a little indulgence.  I know you do.

And this is a lovely combo from Wonderland Yarns / Frabjous Fibers.  The base is Cheshire Cat, and the gray one is Goat’s Beard, and the colorful one is the Yellow to Fuchsia color morph.  Wonderland does really really really nifty mini skin packs.  They have both what I think of as sets (where there are different colors but someone with better color sense than me has put them together so you know they’ll work) and gradients (where you move from a lighter to a darker shade of the same color) and they’re all amazing (erm…plus they also have a So Fond of Rainbows 20 skein pack that one of these days I simply WILL succumb and own…because wow).

If you want to check back in on all the Curls 3 yarns to date, you can find them over here, and wow is this book going to be fun!

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