Published On: July 10, 2017

So, I know you though my mailbox was already just about the happiest place it could be (what with all the delightful Curls 3 yarn coming in).  But no…no it gets better.  The actual pieces themselves have started coming in too!  Take a look at this.

That’s the Cheshire Cat base from Wonderland Yarns / Frabjous Fibers.  The gray bits are Goat’s Beard, and the colorful bits are the Yellow to Fuchsia color morph. And up there is what it looks like before you block it…

And that’s what it looks like after.  See why I’m always (always always always) telling you to block things.  Just look what a difference it makes!  And that’s just with a soak and a pat, no pins to be seen.  Even if you’re scared of blocking, you can manage that (think of it as wash, lay flat to dry…you can do it).

More info on all the Curls 3 saga over here if you want it all in one place!

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