Published On: July 26, 2017

So normally, I’m very nearly brutal about throwing away yarn leftovers.  I rarely use them, so I just don’t keep them.  But I have this thing where I sort of love to make little mini skeins from all of the yarns I use in book projects.  I tell myself it’s ‘for reference…in case there’s a question about the yarn.’  Which sounds grand.  But I suspect it’s because I often don’t knit book projects myself and so I want to spend a little extra time with the yarn.  And also just because they’re awfully pretty!

These are the skeins for Silk Road Socks (which yes, soon…very very soon…like end of next month soon!), and I love them.

But looking at that had me wondering if I could track down pictures from the last books, and thanks to the magic of the blog and a fairly tidy hard drive, I totally can.  And I’m thinking maybe we could all use more yarn rainbows, so why not share!  These are the yarns from Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet Volume III:

And here’s Volume II:

And Volume I:

And of course we mustn’t forget Curls (alas, I don’t have a rainbow for Curls 2 because it was all grays):

And Fine Things for Plain Occasions (again, not quite a rainbow this time, but a happy little jumble none the less):

I’m already daydreaming about what the one for Curls 3 will look like (and feeling just a tiiiiiiny bit overwhelmed by it since that books had lots of multi skein gradients…I’ll have to figure out something clever to make that work).

How about you guys, do you keep your leftovers?  Do you use them, or are they just to be pretty?  Any tendencies to swirl everything up into rainbows?  I can’t be the only one, right?

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