Is your book in there?
Published On: August 28, 2017

So, here’s what the porch looks like as of Monday morning!  I’ve got a pickup all scheduled with the post office and these should start hitting mailboxes later this week.

There’s one more batch to go out later this week to catch the orders that have come in over the last few days (that means don’t panic if you haven’t gotten a shipping notification yet…they’ll all be in the mail this week and all within a week of your order date as promised).  We’re nearly there!

Which makes this a really good time to remind you that the preorder ends this evening.  At that point the price on the electronic version goes up, and I stop selling the paper version directly (you’ll be able to get it from your LYS and from amazon at some point, just not from me directly).

So, in one last shameful bout of capitalism, if you’re looking for the paper book, click here:

And if you’re looking for the electronic book, click here:

And if you prefer to get stuff through your LYS, that’s awesome!  Tell them to get in touch and we’ll set something up.  And if you prefer amazon, that’s cool too.  Give it a few days and they should start offering it soon.

And guys…next week I’m having a bit of a lie down for a day or two.  Because wow!

ETA: Whoosh, the preorder is all done, so I’m swooping the buttons out so as not to cause any confusion…the e version is available on ravelry, and the paper version will be on amazon (as always, amazon links are affiliate links) and at local yarn stores over the next several weeks!

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