At least my feet will be warm…
Published On: October 19, 2017

I’m absolutely positively convinced that warm feet make all the difference on cold days.  And you all know I have a slew of wool socks (perks of the trade…).  But sometimes you want an extra layer, and that’s where the slippers come in.  I’ve been rocking the slippers over socks thing the last few mornings (what can I say, it’s chilly…) and found that I wanted some taller ones.  So these are going to come up all the way over my ankles.

And they’re out of seriously thick yarn (Malabrigo’s Twist in the color Zinc) knit just as tight as I can make it.

And yes, they will look like crumpled moth wings until I get them blocked.  But I’m quite confident they’ll be lovely when I’m done.  Just hang in there with me and we’ll get it sorted out.

Lovely and warm…we mustn’t forget warm…

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