The Bucket…
Published On: November 15, 2017

I think I’ve explained before just how much of my organizational scheme depends on buckets.  When I start a new book, it gets three buckets.  As yarn comes in, it goes in bucket one.  Once I’ve swatched it, the swatches and tags go in bucket two (while the yarn itself usually goes out to Super Stunt Knitters for the actual knitting).  When the pieces are finished, they go in bucket three.  Once bucket three is full and bucket one empty, it’s photo shoot time!

I have a similar situation for individual patterns, just a bit less structured.  That less structured bit is the potential downfall here.  It explains how I found a done-save-weaving-in-the-ends set I finished damn near a year ago.

Let’s say I finish that up and get it blocked, hmm?  The weather is certainly perfect for cowls right about now…

And we all know I’m unreasonably fond of mitts.

The yarn is Ysolda Blend 1, which is currently out of stock.  I’m not sure if it’s coming back or not, but if it does, I’m buying a whole bunch.  And in the meantime, I should turn those from unblocked bits of fluff to blocked and take some proper photos!

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