Wanna pet the knits?
Published On: November 20, 2017

So every now and then I pack up a bunch of knitting, offer up a small sacrifice to whatever spirits keep things safe in the postal system, and send trunk shows off to yarn shops.

This is your periodic reminder that if you want one to turn up at your local yarn shop, you can have them get in touch with me (just send them to tinynonsense.com, there’s wholesale info there).

I know it sounds a little funny, but a lot of my best yarn shops found me because their customers came in knitting from my patterns or showing off one of my books at knit night.  Your yarn shop wants to know what you like!

There are Silk Road Socks shows at two stores right now (A Yarn Less Raveled in Danville CA and Hooked in Haddonfield NJ), and they’ll be visiting other shops in the coming months.  I’m sure they’d love you to stop in and say hi!

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